What To Consider When Purchasing New Window Blinds

There comes a point in most people’s lives when they decide they want to change the look and feel of a room.  Sometimes the way the room is used has subtly changed and it’s time for a re-think about how it looks and works.  Fashions change. Your own tastes change. Whatever the reason you have decided to make that change, here are some questions to consider when thinking about window blinds for your room.

Why choose window blinds?

Blinds can be overlooked when considering a room design, but they are a great solution to your window treatment, that not only make a statement if you want it to, but also can contribute to light and heat control.  They can bring together a feel of a room with one swish of fabric, or wood depending on your tastes.

The styles of window blinds that are now available range from a utilitarian vertical blind, or a minimalist wooden blind that is perfect for controlling the light in a work space, or a very modern room design; to fabric Roman blinds that can be layered up with curtains with complimentary and accenting fabrics to give a softer feel to your room.

Which room will the window blinds be going in?

Depending on which room you are considering a new window treatment for will affect how hard the blind has to work.  A roller shade works well in a kitchen or bathroom as they have a special coating that will protect them. A blackout blind in a bedroom will allow you to sleep beyond the dawn chorus in the summer, whilst wooden blinds in a well-ventilated bathroom would look effortlessly chic and give a beach or spa feel to the room.  Conservatories have the most variations to them and pleated blinds were designed with conservatories in mind as they can be made to fit the awkward window shapes that are often found in a conservatory. Blinds don’t necessarily have to be a big expensive statement, you may just want a cheap blind to help keep the droughts at bay in an old window.

What is my Overall Room Design?

Every room design advice page since the beginning of The Make Over Phenomenon always say start with a mood board.  This still holds true and is still where interior designers start. A physical mood board of pictures, paint samples, fabric samples and accessories would be ideal, but you can just think about the what you’re you looking to achieve in your re-design.  Quite often a blind can go a long way to realising the vision. Are you looking for the grand elegance of a drawing room with Roman blinds and floor to ceiling curtains that showcase your chosen fabrics? Maybe a bamboo blind in a sunny extension or conservatory with big leafy potted plants to give the ambience of a tropical holiday.  The venetian blinds or mini blinds as they’re also known by, give a good control to light and privacy and can be fitted where you need that control, on a busy window or in an office.

When you take a step back and look at your window you will see that a blind can achieve privacy, light control and even temperature control while giving the impression of opulence, minimalism or feeling like you are at the beach.  They can take up as much or as little space at the window as you desire. When fitted inside the recess they will bring clean lines and a sense of space. If you wish to cover a door, or a window that you want to open and close without affecting the blind they can be fitted to the window frame.  They are also a good option for the awkward window shape, such as a Roman fabric blind in a square bay window, or a pleated blind in the roof of your conservatory. When choosing a blind from CWB they will be made to measure and will fit any shape or size window perfectly.

Is a Blind a Safe Choice?

With the blind safety legislation that came into effect in 2014 it is something that is already taken care of in our made to measure blinds.  Our window blinds are installed with either a cleat or hook depending on the blind you choose. However, if you are considering a window treatment in a child’s bedroom, there is a range of blinds available that do not have cords but have a spring mechanism so there is no chance of an accident while you are not there.

Hue, Colour, Ambience?

Window blinds are fantastically versatile.  They can give your room a sharp minimalistic feel, or add opulence or cottagey chic.  They have clean lines and show off beautiful fabric. If you choose a  bamboo or wooden blinds, they can give your room a natural feel.  Whatever the job they have to do, be it privacy, light control or both, there will be a stylish solution that will enhance your room design.