Measuring and fitting

Relax As Our Expert Ensures Your Blind Is A Perfect Fit

As part of your home consultation our expert will take exact measurements of the window(s) where
the blind(s) will hang.  Depending on the size of the window we use either a traditional tape
measure, or a laser measure. This way we make sure we have a quality measurement giving a
perfect fit for the blind of your choice.
We will also discuss whether you would like your blind to hang inside or outside the recess, or fitted
to the window frame. If your blind is fitted to the window frame, it would make the operation of the
blind easier as there would be no need to open the blind before opening the window.
Depending on which blind you choose there are different ways to fit them to your window, we will
explain all the possibilities of each fitting and discuss the advantages of each option. As the type of
blind and where you would like it to hang affects the measurements we take, we will take the final
measurements once you have made your choice at the consultation.