Wooden Venetian Blinds

Bringing Natural Style and Charm

Wooden Blinds

Our wooden Venetian Blinds come in two widths:


Made from the soft and lightweight Basswood which is a sustainable natural wood that is resistant to the changes in light and atmospheric conditions.  They are treated with layers of lacquer so the blind does not lose its colour. They give an elegant touch to any room.


These blinds have wider slats and are characterized by a minimum number of knots.  They are particularly resistant to mechanical impact and we would recommend this size if the blind would be opened and closed frequently.

Our wooden blinds can be made on a rope ladder or tape.

Bamboo Blinds

The Bamboo Venetian Blind is a new addition to our collection, they have a unique effect with thinner slats.

The biggest advantage of bamboo blinds is their unique texture and increased humidity resistance.  Slats made of natural bamboo have a unique visual impact on the window treatment, and the thinner slats mean that they take up a smaller area when the blinds are raised.

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